Field Trial Training with the Lincolnshire Gundogs Society

An outstanding day was had by all who attended the Kugae Gundogs and Lincolnshire Gundogs Society joint training day, held in the Lincolnshire Wolds. We completed three different scenarios training both retrievers and spaniels.

Sarah Rider\’s 11 month old fox red Labrador, Skye (Kugae bred – Dougie\’s daughter)

Second scenario was to send the dogs across a strip of water on to an island to retrieve the dummies, this proved to be great fun.  All the handlers and dogs excelled and there were some outstanding retrieves done. Credit to all the handlers. 

First in line on the water retrieves and he did not let Sylvia down

The star of the day must go to Saul (10 years old) who worked with a young Cocker that was very unsure about water.  Saul put him on a lead and walked him around the shallow margins, very gradually throwing the dummy into deeper water.  After half an hour, the young dog was swimming and retrieving a dummy.  His owner was thrilled.  Top man Saul.


The third scenario was blind retrieves.  The handlers and dogs were guided by Jaison and send in various direction on blind retrieves the spaniels were giving the giving the retrievers run for their money 

This little Cocker Spaniel was pleasure to see working

It was another successful day, thoroughly enjoyed by handlers and dogs alike.  

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