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Gundog Training

Where to start...

The first step is to bring you and your dog(s) in to meet Carl, have a free consultation and establish needs & requirements.

Training sessions can be one to one, small groups or large group sessions and residential training. 

All behaviour issues can be addressed i.e running in, pulling, barking, heel work plus many other common issues you see in the field. Training the dog is the easy bit, the owners are sometimes another matter!

What We Offer


Puppy Gundog Training

This is all about fun. Let your puppy be a puppy before anything else and enjoy your bonding time. Bring your puppy in and let us establish the first stages of a simple training plan. This will not involve any pressure on a young dog. This is about learning your puppy simple commands, fetching & carrying a ball. We will build confidence through play and lots of positive praise. Take advantage of our free assessment and start off on the right road for you and your special companion.


Basic Gundog Training

This is the next stage which is about laying a solid foundation in basic gundog training. The main focus is to get the dog to walk to heel, sit, stay, recall and stop to the whistle. We would then move on to direction work, blind retrieves, obstacles, sitting to shot and marking. Different breeds of dog require different orders of training. There is no given age for the training, it is when your dog is ready. Basic training cannot be rushed and must be enjoyed as part of the journey.

A Gundog Training featuring a black dog swimming with a duck in its mouth.

Advanced Gundog Training

This is the stage when all the hard work starts to pay off. If your basic training has been completed successfully, your dog is ready for the field and should be calm, steady and able to cope under pressure. At Kugae Gundogs we excel in our facilities and training grounds which includes acres of sugar beet, woodland, lakes, ponds, streams and dykes. We will put your dog into a live shooting environment either by a stood day on the peg, picking up behind the guns, rough shooting/wildfowling or on one of our simulated gundog training days.

Group Gundog Training

We regularly hold group training sessions either with a small group (approx 6 handlers) or a larger group (up to 20 handlers). There are huge benefits to be gained from these kind of group sessions, for both the handlers and the dogs. They are very popular and can be incorporated with your one- to- one training schedule when the time is right. Check out our Blog section for an insight to some of our previous sessions and up and coming Events.


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