George Armfield Terriers Chasing Rabbit

Painter of Genre, hunting, animals, especially terrier chasing birds, cats or mice, George Armfield, also known as George Armfield Smith, in addition did landscapes, dead game birds and wild animals. His small dog pictures often were passed off as Landseer.
George Armfield Smith (for by this name he was known until the year 1840) was born in Wales. (Actually Bristol according to Armfield family information) His father was a painter, who for some time had a studio at 54, Pall Mall, London, (His father was the portrait painter William Armfield Hobday (1771-1831)) and from his father, George Armfield obtained any artistic tuition he may have received.
This stunning oval painting sees the terriers chasing the rabbit through the undergrowth.  Signed by the artist. Set in an Oak frame.
67 cm x 57 cm

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