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Pippa – My lab is a picking-up dog and I wanted her to learn to work with my new pup. We came in for weekly hour-long sessions in the field with Carl. Pippa is now trained to an excellent standard. I would recommend Carl without a doubt. He excels as a dog trainer.

Remi – At 8 months old this headstrong bitch Lab retriever lost all recall and obedience, after being attacked by another dog. Again, following regular sessions with Carl, he has turned Remi at 19 months old into something very special and she is just started her first season in the field working with Pippa. I couldn’t be prouder of my girls with these results as they work perfectly for me on a walked-up rough shoot day.
A BIG THANK YOU to Carl at KUGAE Gun Dogs. I will be taking my next puppy to him from day one!!

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