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We both thoroughly enjoyed the simulated shoot day, lots of laughs and the hospitality was outstanding. The pegs were well thought out, with positions to make for some very challenging birds. The rotation of pegs and the ability to slow down or speed up the clays suited all abilities. The traps are expertly programmed and positioned to provide the same randomness of a real flush so you never know what’s coming next which just adds to the authenticity of the shoot. With the unique trailer and lift system the traps can be re-positioned and adjusted for height very quickly to change the way the flushes are presented. It’s great that you are allowed to take trained dogs, which allowed novice dogs to experience guns and for those of us with gundogs who have just finished a season it’s perfect for their continued steadiness training. We highly recommend Kugae gundogs simulated shoot day and would like to say a huge thank you to Carl and Karen for a perfect day. 5 Stars. Get booking everyone.

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