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I was very young when my passion for working dogs started as I naturally grew up around  them with my parents. In my teens, I owned my first terrier which soon became two and even quicker three. I spent every waking hour with them which I possibly could. This passion soon grew to adding a small team of Ferrets and a lurcher, all this while still at school, which didn’t interest me at all and might explain my poor results!

My years after school were spent in HGV Logistics but still the priority was working my dogs, shooting, fishing and an obsession for collecting hunting, shooting and fishing related collectible items.

Fast forward many years to 2009 and I brought all my knowledge and experience together by selling the haulage company to take on my ultimate dream of training gundogs and running a full time business with the family. 

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We have CARL with his current working teams of both Labradors and Spaniels plus 2 Patterdale Terriers thrown in for good measure who keep us all entertained on a daily basis!  

In 2019, KAREN joined the business full time.   She tackles the website, social media and works endlessly in the background.  She has a natural flair and huge love for working with the dogs and helps more than she gets credit for behind the scenes.  Karen’s expertise comes in with the young puppies and getting the foundations started. She is also pretty good at the hospitality side of things!

SAUL – our youngest son and the official Under Keeper is coming into his own now and certainly has a natural ability to work dogs and helps out no end with training. 

On event days we bring together a wider team of people with knowledge and expertise in the right areas and we couldn’t do any of it without them.

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