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Simulated Game Shooting

Lincolnshire Simulated Game Shooting


Option 1:  HOME EVENT.  

Bring your shoot into the future of Simulated Game experiences.  We bring our equipment & expertise to you.  Prices start at £800 *clays not included.


Bring your team of guns to one of our days  set within the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.   Mixed drives. Generous Hospitality.  5000 ECO Clays.  Min 8 guns, Max 16 guns (£195 per gun).   

Option 3:  BESPOKE EVENT.  

Create a very special and bespoke occasion.  Contact us for more details. 


We can supply cartridges upon request at very competitive prices.

Our Unique Equipment

Our Simulated Trailer extends 7 metres high into the air and comes with 5 x Bowman Supermatch 8 Multi-Clay Machines. ABT and T&T’s. Standard & Midi Carousels.

These are Bowman’s most powerful traps which have been in production for 15 years and over that time they have been perfected into something very special which can send out beautiful steep curling targets to the extreme.

  • 5 clay machines give us a capacity of 2400 clays
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • Powerful 150-meter throwing distance for standard clays
  • Unique 2 stage lever lock handle for elevation up to 75-degree springing teal
  • Tilt base up to 40-degrees left to right
  • High Tensile aluminium casting reduces vibration and breakages
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Eco Clays

The Eco Clay has been independently certified by Bureau Veritas as PAH free, as verified by Exeter University providing all Eco Clays with ECHA-REACH Classifications as:

  • Environmentally friendly clay pigeon 
  • Eco-friendly clay pigeon 
  • Eco-friendly binding resin
  • The Eco Clays are made of natural materials and contain no outlawed chemicals and contaminants. PAH free.
  • Eco Clays are manufactured to ISSF specification and are therefore the same weight and size as pitch clays.
  • The Eco Clay has been endorsed by world sporting champion George Digweed MBE as well as Olympic gold medallists Richard Faulds MBE and Peter Wilson MBE. Holland & Holland, London, Eriswell Lodge, Suffolk, Fennes Shooting School, Essex, Owls Lodge, Hants and EJ Churchill, Bucks have all adopted the Eco clay.

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